Auto Cure: Automated Top-Shelf Curing

The most advanced cannabis drying and curing system on the planet.

What is Auto Cure?

Automated Curing & Drying Solution

Auto Cure is the first fully automated, all-in-one hardware and software cannabis curing system that takes the guesswork out of producing your most potent and valuable harvest.

Auto Cure handles all post-harvest cannabis drying, curing, and long-term cannabis storage (extended curing). The automated curing technology uses a proprietary software application and robotics system to dynamically transition from an airtight chamber to laminar ventilation via negative pressure.

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Auto Cure walk-in units

Why is Curing Important?

Proper cannabis curing increases potency, preserves terpenes, eliminates mold, preserves longer, and helps maintain product consistency.

During the decarboxylation process, the rate of moisture release can be monitored and controlled through the Auto Cure and Cloud interfaces.

Learn more about the importance of cannabis curing.

Increase potency, preserve terpenes, and eliminate mold in one step.

Technology: How does Auto Cure work?

Auto Cure’s software application and robotic hardware were designed by growers to allow a wide range of settings for drying, curing, and storing your harvest.

Auto Cure utilizes laminar airflow dynamics during automated venting cycles to create a completely uniform air pathway so that all flowers within the chamber are drying and curing at the same rate.

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Set Auto Cure to vent at regular intervals or when a maximum humidity is reached.

Auto Cure Features

Gauging Moisture Release vs. Climate Control

Unlike climate control methods of drying and curing, Auto Cure is self-monitoring and vents itself based on the flower’s moisture release, maintaining the best environment for curing cannabis without outside humidity influence.

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Auto Cure Cloud

Real-time data collected through the Auto Cure Cloud interface graphically depicts the rate of moisture release from the cannabis flower over time, providing a valuable tool for standardization and brand consistency.

Custom Walk-In Chambers

Auto Cure technology is proportionally scaled from custom walk-in chamber rooms to table top units, accommodating your specific needs.

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Auto Cure changed the way we work post-harvest by blending the drying process directly into the curing process using its automated system. We are now able to go from Auto Cure straight to trimming and packaging without any further burping process necessary. Our quality and consistency increased dramatically as well, while turnover time decreased.

- Mateo, QualCan

Your Bottom Line

Auto Cure has a 100% return on investment (ROI) in just two cycles of usage through higher quality flower, elimination of waste, and minimized labor expense.

As compared to traditional curing/drying methods, Auto Cure results show THC content up to 25% higher, terpene content 50% higher, and CBD 30% higher.

Learn about Auto Cure's Return on Investment.
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Average percentage increase in THC

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Average percentage increase in terpenes

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